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UM Philmont Trek opportunity [Nov. 30th, 2010|07:32 pm]
Venturing BSA

NAUMS has been assigned two crews for a 12-day backpacking trek at Philmont in July, 2012. We are now looking for qualified leadership for these two crews.

*Crew Advisors must be mature and experienced Scouting/Venturing leaders.
*They must be active members of The United Methodist Church, familiar with the concept of Scouting as Ministry.
*They must be able to work well with the NAUMS Board of Directors and with other leaders to recruit, finance, and carry off this program.

NAUMS sponsored its first-ever United Methodist crew at Philmont this past summer. From that experience, we are putting together a program to standardize what we hope to achieve through this ministry. Key to what we expect from the crews we sponsor are the following.

1. NAUMS will provide a devotional and practical outline of doing a trek based in UM spiritual practice. Crews will be expected to use this material. The overall title of our program is "The Children of Jedediah Smith," Smith being the iconic mountain man (and Methodist) who led the opening up of the Rocky Mountains. He is our "patron saint" for this adventure.

2. While at Philmont, the two crews will follow complementary itineraries, which will allow them to meet during the trek (preferably on a layover) and do some important things together. If no clergy are with either crew, then we will try to hook up the two crews at this time with a UM chaplain for a service.

3. We expect our crews to be "co-ed capable." That means the local leadership for each crew must include both male and female leaders.

4. Youth (and adults) attending need to be affiliated in some way with our UM Scouting Ministry. That means that each participant must be either a) a United Methodist oneself, or b) registered in a UM-chartered Troop or Crew. Since this is a church-sponsored trek, the participants will worship together. At some point, holy communion will be offered. This should be made plain to the participants. We welcome non-UMs to participate in our Scouting Ministry, but this is not just another Philmont trek. This is an adventure in spiritual formation as well as one of the premier Scouting experiences.

5. We are attempting to pick Advisors from different parts of the country, in order to spread the opportunity around to do this trek. In addition, Philmont strongly suggests (and we concur) that we should endeavor to have full crews. A full crew is twelve (12) persons; no more than four can be adults, and if there are fewer than twelve in a crew, adults cannot outnumber youth. So we want Advisors who are open to taking eligible youth from other Troop and Crews with them, as space allows.

5. Philmont's schedule for payments is not flexible. Crew Advisors need to get right on the business of recruiting participants and raising money.

For more information, please contact Art Collins, President of NAUMS. You may also reply through this LiveJournal/Facebook posting with your e-mail address.
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2010 UM Trek at Philmont Scout Ranch [Jun. 24th, 2009|04:20 pm]
Venturing BSA


The National Association of United Methodist Scouters (NAUMS) is pleased to announce a new program of high adventure and spiritual growth for youth who are part of our United Methodist Scouting Ministry. Up to twenty boys and girls will have the opportunity to spend 12 days backpacking across Philmont Scout Ranch in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. To prepare for this, we will gather them for three days of organizational and spiritual preparation at the John Wesley Ranch in Divide, Colorado.Read more...Collapse )
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Scout Scoop, an International Scouting Venture [Nov. 20th, 2006|11:00 pm]
Venturing BSA

Hello. My name is Mike. I am an assistant scoutmaster in Troop 8 of Manchester, CT. I was recently approached by a scouting friend via email with regards to an international scouting program, and this is what this post is about.

Every year, during the Christmas/New Year's vacation the scouts of Denmark host an event called Scout Scoop. This event is an international scouting venture, with the purpose of scouts from around the world to meet each other, share in the scouting experience, and enjoy the culture of Denmark. The program is designed for those 15-18 years old, and is open to any scout.

I went to Scout Scoop as a youth participant during the 2001/2002 break. During this venture I camped out in a barn in the middle of Denmark, I experienced the local culture, as well as the cultures of several other nations represented by scouts. At the end of the program I traveled to Copenhagen with a scout I met at the program, and had a "homestay" with him and his family for a weekend before I traveled home.

It is truly a great experience to enjoy scouting with those from around the world, and the friendships made can last a lifetime. This past summer, when I traveled to Germany for the World Cup, I was fortunate enough to meet the friends I made 4 years earlier, who I had only communicated with via email with previously.

This year, the program will run from December 27 to January 1, with a homestay for as short or long as a scout would like. It will occur at the Houens Odde Scout Center in Jutland, Denmark. While those who may be interested have little more than a month to plan, I apologize, but one of the leaders, who is a close friend I met while at the program, is doing everything she can to get more international scouts to attend, currently there are only two attending.

The website is http://www2.spejdernet.dk/scoutscoop/?i=invi

The danish scouts are very accommodating and will assist you in any way possible. If you are interested in attending, or know someone who would like to attend, please contact the Danish scouts or myself at wolfp10@gmail.com, and I hope at least one American scout can make the trip.
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Fun stuff! [Sep. 19th, 2006|08:27 pm]
Venturing BSA

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I post lots of Venture pictures in my journal (metalme) if anyone is interested.

Hopefully this place can get more active again! I can’t seem to find many other places to talk with Venture people.

A few to share:
As requested cutCollapse )

I could post so many more, but they are all over in my journal. I figured these thumbnails are better than a lj-cut. Hope that’s ok.

This weekend our group went to the Barrier Islands over near Wallops Island, Virginia. We canoed, kayaked, and even too a raft out to an empty island and spent the weekend all along. I was ocean-kayaking most of the time trying to get some waves, but we also had an awesome kite out. I’ll have those pictures later in my journal when they are developed.

Cross-posted to venturing & all_scouts
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Aloha, Oy [Aug. 18th, 2006|03:59 pm]
Venturing BSA


Hula Kane Hula Kane

Suppress THIS memory, if you can.

"Is this the face that launched a thousand ships?"

Winner of the men's hula contest at the 2003 Hoosier Trails Council Venturing event. (Can you tell how many entered that contest?)

x-posted from aefenglommung
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Phishing Expedition [Feb. 23rd, 2006|12:22 pm]
Venturing BSA

I recently received a clutch of fake e-mails, supposedly from eBay, prodding me for payment on an item I ordered. Thing is, I have never used eBay. This was a "spoof" or "phish" e-mail, designed to elicit personal information. I immediately alerted eBay, and they're tracking it down.

What makes this worthy of note on LJ is that the spoof e-mails were sent to my e-mail account at the Conference office, which is NOT what I use for personal e-mail. (I figured if it caused a problem, let 'em crash the Conference's system, not mine.)

The only time I have ever given that out as my e-mail address was on LJ, when I made an announcement about a Venturing activity. I gave my Conference e-mail as a "reply to" convenience. So the slimy little crooks must have scooped up that e-mail address from that LJ post to generate those e-mails.

Let this be a warning to everybody about releasing specific personal information on the internet, even "among friends" on LJ!

Cross-posted to various communities.

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"Fly High 2006" [Feb. 13th, 2006|08:35 pm]
Venturing BSA

Hoosier Trails Council
Spring Venturing Activity
Camp Louis Ernst, Dupont, IN
March 31 - April 2, 2006

Cost: $25.00 per person, includes all meals, patch, and insurance.

If registration form is in the Council Service Center by March 17, cost is $20.00!

Activities for the weekend will be based on the five Venturing areas:
Outdoors; Hobbies & Crafts; Religious Life; Sea Scouting; Sports.

Check-in will be from 6-9 p.m. Friday night.

To receive a flyer and registration form, please e-mail acollins@sicumc.org

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I'm new here... [Feb. 1st, 2006|07:54 pm]
Venturing BSA

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[music |Assemblage 23]

Name: Christa
Nickname: --
Position: Treasurer (very hard job to do in my crew)
Location: Fredericksburg (Virginia) area
School/Work: I am in the 11th grade. I am a swim coach, lifeguard, and instructor during the summer.
Years in scouting: I did Girl Scouts way back when I was in elementary school and have been in my Venture Crew for 2 years now.
AIM SN/Contact Info: WrongBlasphemy [aim] Christaelaine@gmail [email]
Any interesting things your crew does: We do tons of fun interesting things, but I am sure all the other groups do too.

- I did the Regional Exploring/Venturing Emergency Preparedness & Response Exercise
- We go rafting on the Youghiogheny/Cheat.
- We go skiing.
- We go canoeing.
- We go rappelling, hiking and biking fairly often.
- We are going to a rock wall next month.
- We are going to a shooting range month after that.

Our group does a trip per month or more and has a break over the summer. We have a super activity at the end of the school year and go wherever.

We drive a fair distance to do whatever we want and go states away for trips.

Nothing different than other groups, right?

I do have a question if anyone could give some input.Collapse )

Posted to: venturing
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Spring Venturing Event [Jan. 31st, 2006|09:24 pm]
Venturing BSA

First notice

I met with Hoosier Trails staff advisor Rick B. today, and we put down the major elements of our Council's Spring Venturing weekend; herewith, the bare bones (for the benefit of any out-of-Council folks who'd like to make plans to take part).

Hoosier Trails Council BSA (HQ: Bloomington, IN) will host a Spring Venturing weekend March 31-April 2 at Camp Louis Ernst, Dupont, IN. Cost will be $25 per person ($20 early bird special if money and forms are received in the Council office by March 17!). Cost includes food (you don't need to bring food, cook, etc.).

Louis Ernst is our Council's primitive camp, located between Madison and North Vernon, IN. You will have to bring your own camping gear. Tour permits are a must.

Registration will start at 6:00 p.m. Friday. We'll get things started with crackerbarrel and general info meeting at 9:00 p.m.

Saturday's program will feature five different sessions/activities drawn from the five Venturing program areas (Arts & Hobbies, Outdoor, Sports, Religious Life, Sea Scouting). There will also be a Leaders Roundtable and training aids for how to plan superactivities. The day will finish up with indoor games (including the April Fools Parade/crazy hat contest, the duct tape fashion show -- a perennial favorite, and other such foolery), then a "stomp."

Sunday morning, there will be a chapel service for those remaining overnight, with dismissal by about 9:00 a.m.

If you would like more info, reply to this post or check out the Hoosier Trails Council website. I'll have more info later, too.
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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2006|05:59 pm]
Venturing BSA

Hi, I'm new, so I guess I'll do that introduction business...

Name: Véronica
Nickname: Vero, Roni, Miss Piggy,
Position: Youth, WHAT? Games Coordinator
Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
School/Work: Secondary School Student and part-time library Page
Years in scouting: 7 years of guides and nearly 5 years in scouting, I think...
AIM SN/Contact Info: dragoness22 @ hotmail.com
Any interesting things your crew does: My crew is currently organizing the Venturer WHAT?Collapse ), which will probably be a good time. As the 1st Guelph Fire Venturers, we are a specialty crew and work with the Fire dept. We have meetings there once a month and learn things about being firefighters.

So far we've reviewed and learned about Haz-mat scenarios, ripped apart multiple cars with the jaws etc, gone through a flaming training house, learned about, set up and used the ladder truck, washed and waxed the trucks, trained for the firefighter games, done search-and-rescue training and ladder training... and probably some things I've forgotten about...

Right now we're trying to set up a Rover crew for myself and a few of the guys for next year. Except instead of working with the fire dept, we're hoping to work with the police dept.

Also, just yesterday we walked from Guelph to Cambridge and back... that's about 7hours or so total. I believe it's over 20km, I don't know how many miles that is though...
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